Iron Triangle MASTER

This MASTER does not ask why He was born to follow this path in life. He is merely grateful that such a gift was given, and revels in the knowledge that the seed of MASTERY, just as with that of servitude in others, allows Him to explore Himself and know Himself in a way that few other humans have the ability or the bravery to do. The quest to grow from this seed within towards true MASTERY has been slow and at times most difficult and trying, but it allows this MASTER to live a life that few are meant to understand and fewer still will follow. 

It is not a question of whether this life is viewed as normal by the vast majority of the rest of the human race. It is merely that it IS normal for this MASTER and those who chose to follow Him and exist as His. That knowledge, held deep and close within, allows a great comfort and clarity. Others will not understand this life, others have no need to.

This MASTER'S path has resulted in a synthesis of knowledge, skills, wisdom, and passion, which allow Him to realize a nearly lifelong Vision for what has become the Iron Triangle. Many have a similar vision, equally powerful to them, but not the passion or conviction to make it a reality. For them, it is doomed to remain a fantasy, a longing, and a frustration. This MASTER'S Vision is of such a level of complexity, that most MASTERS would not be foolhardy enough to try. Such is not the case for this MASTER. He has the conviction of Destiny at His back, and the joy of Creation materializing in front of Him. This MASTER is propelled by His passion, and extremely conscious of His obligation, there is nothing foolhardy about this undertaking.

Those who will join this MASTER on his path must be equal in passion, and have the utmost confidence that this MASTER can instill through His ownership and training, the knowledge, skills, and wisdom, that will allow them to become, for and through their MASTER, the most perfect slavebrother that their own capacity will allow. Those who will join this MASTER must be absolutely certain of their own wiring, their own place in the universe, and comfortable with both. slavebrothers must be prepared to trust at the utmost level the MASTERS ability to take the raw material they present, and mold it into His posession. At such times as intrusions from outside, or within the slavebrother, may attempt to undo the MASTERS work, the slavebrother must be prepared to go to the limits of his own resources, and allow the MASTER to do whatever He deems is necessary, to preserve His work and creation, that exists in servitude to This MASTER.

Both spirit and Spirituality are of the utmost importance to this MASTER. It is not enough to posess the body and mind of another. To exist on the highest level, the MASTER must posses the spirit, the essence of the entity that is the slavebrother, as well. Together, these three aspects are the media that MASTER uses to create His Art. Have no doubt that this MASTER believes the ownership and training of slavebrothers is Art in the highest and most pure form, comprising aspects as fleeting as carved ice and as permanent as chiseled granite.

It is through the simultaneous harnessing and freeing, within the slave, of all those elements, that the MASTER achieves His greatest satisfaction. Through that deep satisfaction within the MASTER, the same occurs in the slave. The statement "simultaneous harnessing and freeing" may seem like an oxymoron, yet it exists, and this MASTER is very familiar with the reality of it. It is important to always be aware that we cannot understand everything rationally, yet just because we cannot neatly explain something that compels us, makes it no less valid.

Trusting the spirit requires faith in the knowledge that something larger is helping move us along the path. There is some greater Spirituality pushing us in this quest, above what we have the ability to comprehend. Whatever this entity is, not only lights the way, but guards the path we follow. It also can throw out trials and tests, to see if we are paying attention or learning lessons. In the end, It only wants each of us to be seeking the truth, and fulfilling the Destiny that was born within each of us. Whatever that entity may actually be, this MASTER is grateful for the faith It provides in allowing a certainty in His own Vision, and to take along those suited to follow the same path.

The question of ownership, of one human being existing as property to another human being, is not only vexing within the ignorance of the larger population, but also to some MASTERS and a greater number of slaves. Yet, humans exist in bondage and are 'owned' in a multitude of forms around us every day. This cuts across all cultures and all levels of society. The sad fact is that most of these "slaves" exist merely in subjugation rather than a purer form of slavery. They have not made a choice to seek such an existence. The difference here, is that We choose to acknowledge the dynamic of servitude as something at the core of ourselves. We are suited to it. We choose to embrace it and to revel in the truth of what we crave. Within that context, true ownership is possible, and such ownership is a positive uplifting existence for those who can allow it fourish inside themselves to the depth required to live it.

For those who are born with slave wiring, this MASTER believes, without question, that they will serve what is placed before them, and they will serve that 'Master at hand' whether they understand what they are doing or not. For some, that 'Master' may be a career, or friends, or a partner who does not comprehend the servitude. For other slaves, the slave part of his brain may serve the portion of the brain that argues against the slavery. There is nothing sadder to this MASTER than a slave who becomes mired in serving his own ego and pride as a false Master, at the expense of the part of himself that is really the True core. None of these false Masters can appreciate, coax, refine, or further the slaves wiring and well being. slaves in such situations do not receive nourishment, protection, or reinforcement from the false Master, as they would from a MASTER who understood the creature that they truly are. No matter how devoted to their de-facto Masters, most with deep slave wiring become aware of a profound emptiness within themselves. Some come to understand that there IS a better venue for their servitude, that the gift within them is too precious to be wasted and unappreciated. Those are the slaves who come to realize they must seek out a TRUE MASTER and give themselves, utterly and in all facets, to Him. A few very lucky slaves understand this about themselves from a very early age. A MASTER liberates the slave from unappreciated, misunderstood, or unrealized servitude, and places him in the best environment for the slave to exist as he was born to.

This MASTER is very conscious of the unique creatures that slavewired human beings are. A comparison could be made to an Orchid plant. Unquestionably exotic, they are quite tough to kill, but equally difficult to see thrive and bloom on a long-term and consistent basis. This MASTER is certain He has the knowledge, the ability, and the passion, to qualify Him to take on such a creature, and coax it into the zenith that sits within each slave. This MASTER does so, because He feels that this ownership is truly the best existence for those slaves who connect deeply with His Vision. Quite simply, most MASTER'S feel that the fact that they believe they are entitled to own slaves, qualifies them to own. This MASTER agrees with that general concept, however, also feels that the MASTER must be truly worthy of that entitlement. In the instance of this MASTER, there is also intense desire to understand the slave mind and entity, as completely as any MASTER is able to do. To always appreciate it for the beautiful and fragile, yet resilient, object that it is. This MASTER has the qualities to enable that entitlement. To do so in theory and reality, and in word and deed. 

The rest of the world may make whatever judgment they wish about this MASTER'S assertions. Those that connect with this MASTER'S Vision at a level that will allow them to succeed within the Iron Triangle, will see this MASTER'S assertions as nothing more than a simple truth, and they will embrace the life, and the MASTER, that complete them.

~ Master Z