This Master has known from an early age that something set Him apart, that His ideas and visions were not only away from the mainstream, they were quite radical. That powerful knowledge can also be a frightening thing. Many choose to ignore what they know at the core of themselves, This Master chose to grab onto it, explore it, and live it.

One of Master's first memories is being around age 6, and after learning to tie His shoes (in what the kindergarten teacher called some of the most amazing knots she had ever seen)....tied up the neighbors (very cooperative and docile) cat and proceeded to pull the bound cat around in His wagon. Needless to say, this caused quite a ruckus when spied by the neighbor from her kitchen window. While that episode cured more overt displays of bondage for a while, Master recalls always electing to be an Indian when playing, and the game usually ending up with one of the cowboys tied to a telephone pole. Playing army usually found Master as an MP, who would carefully frisk and search any prisoners taken, and see to their confinement.

Serious exploration into Kink began in Master's early twenties, and has been ongoing ever since. Never as strictly amusement (thought master gets a BIG kick out of what he does), so much as always having a driving need for the knowledge, a desire to understand the process and be able to enact the ideas that chased around inside the brain. Master considers Himself extremely fortunate to have made contact with some of the foremost Leathermen in the Worldwide Community. To have learned from many of them, and to call some of them very close friends and Mentors. The Iron Triangle Household has hosted some very memorable visitors.

Physically, Master Z is 43 years old, broad and powerful. He can easily pick up a 170 pound slave and place him exactly where desired. Master has big forearms and hands, and a great deal of strength. Not for every taste, and certainly no "Tom of Finland clone", but very compelling to those who find a connection.

Master's other interests are wide ranging. He oversees an award winning garden,  is a published author, and has a wide range of accomplishments. Master enjoys film and travel (one high point so far, flying on Concorde). Master enjoys interacting with a wide range of people, and can converse on a broad range of topics. With all the aspects of Master's life, He is most dedicated to the Vision that has become reality in the Iron Triangle Household, and to the lifelong tending and training of those meant to become slavebrothers under Him.

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