slavebrothers CREED

This CREED is worded with the pronoun " i " in reference to the slave, reflecting MY belief that no matter how well trained, obedient, and total the servitude of a slave...the slave still retains some level of humanity, and that is desirable. The near total submission within that humanity, however, is what makes a human slave so compelling to this MASTER.

" this slavebrother has an acceptance deep within, that true destiny for me is an unquestioning and complete level of servitude that can only be obtained through service to the MAN who is my MASTER. Regardless of many good things i have obtained in life to this point, i am very little without the guiding hand of my MASTER. i remained incomplete, and my life would have been largely meaningless, in the deepest part of my soul, without experiencing the joy of complete submission and the permanence of ownership.

i am at peace with my MASTER assuming total Control over me, my life, and my decisions, and with the knowledge that HE is basing our life together on the provisions of the Servitude Contract that he has generously provided me. In addition to the Contract, my MASTER has provided me with HIS word of honor, that while servitude will be total and unquestioned, the slave will not be damaged, excessively abused, or otherwise incapacitated. i can have total trust in my MASTER and his honesty, because he has shown me that he is a MAN of HIS WORD. my MASTER is worthy of the trust and confidence required to allow this slave to soar free within my bonds and shackles.

i will strive at every moment of the day to please my MASTER. it is through providing pleasure to my MASTER that this slave obtains the greatest joy. i accept and welcome his training, guidance, and punishment, and my submission within them. i acknowledge that every part of me is for his use and his benefit, and that he may take any such action as he deems appropriate with my body, to further my training or simply for his own pleasure. Knowing that i am following HIS orders and becoming what HE wants HIS slave to be, puts me at greater peace than i have ever known before.

i respect my MASTER'S Old Guard background, and also embrace the concepts that are HIS alone. It is my MASTER who defines me. What i am, is what he desires me to be. the only true reality this slave knows is that which The MASTER specifies. Whether this slave is sent out to work in the real world, or exists only within the MASTER's Dungeon, i am only an extension of HIM, i exist only for HIS benefit and pleasure. i rejoice in the fact that my MASTER wants his slave to be fulfilled and proud of his place, servitude, and destiny, it is far more than any slave should expect.

i have an unshakable confidence in MY MASTER, HIS honesty, HIS Integrity, and HIS Intent. As one of brother slaves in service to HIM, i believe in his ability to create the world I will inhabit, and i accept that world totally. my greatest joys yet known are though connection to my MASTER and my slavebrothers. i respect my MASTER'S belief that the day this slave came into HIS life was the day of this slave was truly born. my MASTER enabled my birth, he provides me sustenance, i am a vacant shell without HIS life force within me.

i will always endeavor to provide HIM with the best slave HE could possibly desire. I will never be less than totally devoted to my MASTER and slavebrothers. i may fall short, but I will never do less than my absolute best, and I will never stop trying to be even better for HIM. HE is my MASTER, HE has given my life a larger meaning than i could achieve alone. Without HIM, i may have been many things in life, but i was never complete. 
i am now complete, 
i am now living my destiny, 
i am now at peace with myself, 
i am now, truly, a slave."