There are some areas within the Household that are not easily defined in writing. Those parts which do not take to a script, and must be forged and fine tuned as they are coalescing.

Other areas are more easily mapped. The aims of those areas with quantifiable parameters, should be clearly defined. They must be understood and held in high belief by those who are within the Household.

One area is communication between those within the Household. I will attempt to elaborate some views on this area.


Within a Household such as we are placing our faith and our lives in, there must be a zealous guard placed on open communication. Because of the structure and aims of the Household, a constant free-for-all forum is not appropriate, and neither is it desired. Human nature being what it is, however, can set us up for many traps. In this life, and in multiple living situations in general, there is nothing more important than communication. This discourse provides protection against such missteps as jealousy, cliques or ganging up, the festering of unresolved or unspoken issues, and a more general "day to day level" of misunderstandings. By facing up to these potential time bombs, we diffuse them, and minimize any damage to the structure and fabric of the Household. We are NOT setting ourselves up to fail.

Within the previously defined Categories making up the Household, all members would come under These Communication Parameters, with the exception of the bottomslave position. By its nature, the bottomslave needs a more complete level of submission, to the point of subjugation. For one truly wired to serve in that capacity, the knowledge of utter submission is key, and by the nature of his place, gives up a higher level of communication than his slave brothers, and is, in that particular instance, suited for it, and all the better because of it. 

For the other categories of slavebrothers, however, a clean and clear channel of communications is desirable, and KEY in MASTERS Vision.

Communication must happen on several levels. Between MASTER and each individual slavebrother, between the slavebrothers themselves, and in more ritual and ceremonial ways with the Household as a whole unit.

On an as needed basis, but at minimum once a week.
MASTER will take private time with each slavebrother. Likely this will occur within the dungeon space, but in some situations may be more appropriate incorporated with a walk on the Lake, a drive, or some other activity.
The slavebrother will first confess, in trying to be as "transparent" (thank you guy baldwin) as possible for the MASTER, anything he feels the MASTER needs to see within him, that may be apparent in a visual sense. The slavebrother will allow the MASTER access to all of the parts of himself. The things confessed may be as complex as concerns about the Household, or a situation with the slaves blood family, or a simple more mechanical matter. This does not mean the slave must empty his entire brain, the MASTER has no need to know that the toothpaste is being squeezed wrong, or that the slave does not like his new business associate. The correct balance will be achieved over time, with the overall question in the slaves mind being "if MASTER could read the slaves mind, would he want to know this?"
MASTER takes these sessions seriously and listens very carefully. Some weeks may be quite involved, other weeks there may be little else said by the slave than "this one hopes MASTER realizes how grateful slave is to be a part of the Household."
MASTER will determine courses of action as required based on what is learned in these sessions, and unless there should be a reason otherwise, slavebrothers can assume this time with the MASTER is confidential, and may be unfettered in content because of that knowledge. 
This period will also generally coincide with the MASTER'S regular private training/bonding time with each individual slavebrother. When in the dungeon setting, these confessional connections will be followed by any specific training/punishment relating to what has just been disclosed, as the MASTER sees fit. Then, sessions will transition into the more general 'one on one' Training Path the MASTER has set for each individual slavebrother.

"slavebrothers Time"
This will generally happen biweekly or monthly, depending on need, and the effectiveness of other avenues of communication. MASTER will moderate an open discussion between the slavebrothers. MASTER will guide and probe with questions when appropriate, but will generally have an observer posture, and not offer specific opinions during this meeting. This is the time to air any dirty laundry between the slavebrothers, but not for pecking or belittling. If at any point one slavebrother brings up something about another, which may be objectionable to that other, either may make a call for private consultation, and the MASTER will hear the details privately between the brothers after the general meeting. Such a call should be used only with great care, as most such issues should be able to be heard by all present. 
The consort slavebrother will pay particular attention to the issues in these meetings, as a part of his role within the Household is to keep the 'wheels oiled', by attending to and solving, small or petty issues between the slavebrothers that need not trouble the MASTER. It is also the consort slavebrothers charge to bring such issues immediately to the attention of the MASTER if something should escalate to a higher level.

"COREslave connection"
While the MASTER believes he has a high level of understanding about the process of slavery, MASTER does not pretend to be able to "get it" on all the aspects of 'slavewiring'. Some issues can only be discussed and resolved in 'slavespeak'. For the foreseeable future, as much as he has a strong intuitive ability to connect with it, MASTER does not speak that specific dialect.
The purpose of the core slavebrother is, through a higher level of understanding within himself, of the mechanics of slaving, to help his slavebrothers be at their most centered, most dedicated, and most peaceful within --- through their own servitude. This is not done through Training or punishment, that is the turf of the MASTER, but through the wisdom within the core slavebrother. Interactions with the coreslave would be concerned only with matters of "Pure Servitude", not with household related issues.
This role is likely the most difficult place within the Household to fill, and is also one of the most critical. There may not be a candidate who comes into the Household already suited to this place among the slavebrothers, and it may need to be brought about by the enlightenment of one of the existing slavebrothers already within the Household. Until such time as there IS a resident designated coreslave, the MASTER will make every attempt to ensure certain qualified members of the larger MASTER/slave Community, who have a basis to understand such questions, help the slavebrothers here, on an issue by issue basis.

"Ceremony and Ritual"
In any Household or Family, some of the most important communication happens through Rituals, Ceremonies, and Rites of Passage. This is not the direct spoken communication of day to day life, but a larger unspoken pride and connectedness. A shared sense, through witnessing and participating in the event, that shows and reinforces a pride and a continuing basis for the family to exist and endure. We will have some events, such as birthdays and anniversaries, in common with more mainstream Households. Such other traditional avenues as baptisms and marriages will not, however, be milestones here. Instead we will forge our own traditions, every bit as meaningful, complex, and joyful as those celebrated by the larger world.

"Dinner Table"
The dinner table here will be an important facet of both the life and communication here. MASTER enjoys the conversation and discourse that can happen during a meal, encompassing topics both serious and mundane. This nightly event is important in bringing the household together once a day. In the process, many small issues can be discussed and dealt with in short order. Even if a slavebrother were following a Training or punishment detail which limited his spoken communication, he would still likely be present at table (or on his knees next to it).

MASTER Z trusts this information will further the understanding of the intended Paths of Communication within the Household, as well as continue to paint a more detailed picture of the dynamics of the Household overall.

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