Visiting the IRON TRIANGLE

As part of our life here, we do encourage and welcome visitors to the Household.  Who those individuals are, their backgrounds, and why they seek to spend  time at the Iron Triangle are as  varied as the visitors themselves.

 Some seek to experience time existing "as if" an owned slave.  To be treated as a slave from the moment of their arrival, to further their personal understanding  whether such a life might be right for them, or how they may react to a closer level of reality than the typical "scene" of a few hours or weekend duration could possibly teach them. A similar but different motivation exists in visitors who already  know they are not suited to fulltime or permanent servitude, but who crave such a dynamic for a specific limited period of time.

Others seek to understand and further their experiences with a very specific and deeply wired specific fetish activity.  Such visitors, when their needs coincide with Master's specific interests, can find a very interesting and fulfilling endeavor for all involved.

Still others seek to learn and be mentored in their interests on the Top side.  To move forward on their own path toward Mastery, with the insight, guidance, and instruction that can be provided by one further along His own path.

In all these instances, visitors find Master Z to be an excellent and understanding instructor, who believes in sharing the hard fought knowledge he as gained over the years.  Each visitor is viewed as an individual with different needs and goals.  As such, any plan for visiting the Household is formulated on a custom and case by case basis.  The Iron Triangle is NOT a dungeon for hire....the invitation to visit the Household for a weekend, or more extended period, is based on the potential connection and chemistry between those involved.  The specifics related to any visitor are determined on a case by case basis.

slavebrother michael and visitors within the Household:

slavebrother michael has formed an excellent connection with, and affection for the satellite slaves, and visitors to the Household, under the guiding hand of Master Z.   he genuinely enjoys the interaction with others who come to seek out and experience a taste of the life we live here, and he fully trusts Master Z's judgment regarding who is welcomed when it comes to visitors.

slavemichael's  enthusiasm and encouragement to visitors,  not only in training situations, but in all aspects of a visitor's time here, exudes an energy and vitality that are always welcomed by visitors.  This ability to function well when others are added to the Household mix on a temporary basis, shows that future permanent members of the Household will be easily assimilated into his fraternal servitude.

Both slavemichael and the satellite slavebrothers have a clear knowledge of how lucky and fortunate they are to have found the place in life where they belong.  Either permanently, or as the realities of their other life choices allow.  With a Master who understands them, defining a clear purpose and focus for a long future ahead.   They enjoy sharing what they have discovered here with visitors that Master Z views as worthy guests.

You are welcome to email Master Z and inquire about spending time at the Household.