In Astronomy, a Satellite is defined as an object with a consistent orbit around a larger more stable object.  A further definition can be  someone or something attendant, subordinate, or dependent.

In the universe of the Iron Triangle Household, satellite slaves are very worthwhile entities.  When someone has the capability and wiring to be a slave, but their circumstances and previous life choices do not allow them the option of going fully into such a life, a satellite connection may prove very beneficial. 

The satellite slavebrothers of the Iron Triangle are a diverse and extremely interesting group, who all find a deep connection within their interaction here.  They each have their own valid reasons for not being able to make a fulltime commitment to a life as a slave, but their ongoing and regular connection, contribution, and devotion to Master Z makes them of value to the Household.

The satellite slavebrothers understand that Master Z has the deepest and fullest level of commitment to those permanent and resident slavebrothers fully within the Household, and accept their subordinate role because of that.  Each works hard to contribute his own unique attributes, to the synthesis that is the Household as a whole.  It is that connection, and those contributions on many levels that make these satellite entities truly slavebrothers, and not just bottoms who seek to play:

 satellite badger                          

In training with Master Z for over 3 years now, badger is an exceptionally unique and compelling submissive.  A fireman for a regional city, he identifies sexually as a straight man, and his non-sub life is very straight.  For badger, however, the ultimate in submission is to another Man....something he would not seek in any other sexual circumstance.  As a submissive, the most powerful connection for him is with a Master.  Although badger exhibits no shortage of complexity when it comes to his overall life, in a training session with Master Z  in control, badger's goal is abundantly clear and simple. 

badger's training, while only happening every few weeks as his outside life will allow, has progressed over time to a point of deep connection and an exceptionally high level of trust.  badger is most effective in situations where he is very exposed, rather than confined. he has a particular affinity for crucifixion and noose related activities.  he does not react well to overt corporal punishment becoming angry and resistant, but slow manipulation and torture of his nipples, cock, balls, and ass, will lay bear the very core of his psyche.  For a straight boy, he is also an excellent cocksucker.

satellite dave                                      

Approaching his first anniversary milestone with the Iron Triangle, slavebrother dave has worked hard to make himself a desirable and integral part of the Household for the few days each month he spends as a resident here.  A rancher in a different part of the state, dave is unable to leave his family business, yet was also unable to ignore his need for servitude any longer.  A connection through a mutual acquaintance brought him to the attention of Master Z.

While having almost no previous experience in servitude and submission in a dungeon context, slavebrother dave had a lifetime of desire built up inside, and Master Z has greatly enjoyed taking hold of that need and molding and training it.  slavebrother dave has found a deep connection through the activities of flogging, and bondage, as well as serious ass training.  This slavebrother also makes himself invaluable around the Household in general, handling projects, gardening, and otherwise doing whatever is required of him at any given time.

satellite  stan                    

The most recent addition to the Household, slavebrother stan has quickly established himself as a very vital and worthwhile part of the mix that comprises the life here.  Spending regular time per week within the Household for the past 9 months, as well as several weeks of extended stays, he has shown himself to be one of the truest and most deeply wired slaves ever to cross the path of Master Z.  shown in photo with slavebrother michael.

When circumstances allow him to become  fully a part of the Household, slavebrother stan will be welcomed with open arms.  stan recently was rewarded for his  his service  within the Household by receiving piercings and rings in both nipples as a sign of Master Z's belief and affection for this satellite slave.  he has also increased his PA piercing gauge from an 8 to a 2 under Master's control.  slavebrother stan has a long and amazing future within the Iron Triangle, potentially showing himself to be worthy of the place as core slave, if his path  within the Iron Triangle continues to unfold and evolve as spectacularly as it has begun.

Regular visitors:

 In addition to the satellite slavebrothers ,there are also a few individuals who maintain a strong connection to the Household, though on a less defined level.  While frequently included in parties and events here, as well as more private training as time allows, they are not considered formally part of the Household.

fountain boy, aka boipup: Connected to the Household since June of 2001.  an American transplant, living in Europe.  Connected to the Household since Aug of 2000.

Jerry's boyz:  mikey, jonathon, matt, brandon.  An exceptional group of young leathermen.  Often spending time with us when visiting Seattle.  Connected to the Household since May 2001.


MASTER Z's TOP buddies:  Amazing Men who spend quality time interacting with the Household.

There are many who seek to spend time here on some level.  Among them, Master Z is exceptionally PROUD to call some  GOOD friends, and enjoys being able to share all details of the life here with such understanding and expert Men:

 JERRY (you may recognize him as "Jerry in Seattle" in many Bound and Gagged Stories), KEITH, BENNETT and ANIMAL.   There is a large and AMAZING community of Serious Leathermen, and exceptionally creative KINK in Seattle.  These Men are excellent examples of why.