One of the most fundamental questions we must understand is why live this sort of life? To this MASTER, the answer is simple: 
Because we have no other choice. Something deep within the core of our souls calls us to commune in this life, and as much as we reach it from opposite ends of the spectrum, we end up with the same TRUTH.

This MASTER feels that in the same way there is a wide range of physical characteristics within the norms of humanity, with a variety of heights, weights, colors, and bodies forming the outside of a human being, there is an equally wide range of mental characteristics and sexuality. While the baseline may be a traditional heterosexual relationship, individuals who have desires outside of the central part of the curve, have every bit as much validity as those desires that are more prevalent. A MASTER or a slave has no need to explain or justify his feelings and needs, just to accept and embrace that they are a part of what makes him who, and what, he is.
Within that clear sense of validity for this life, The MASTER and the slave travel from polar opposite starting points, to connect their respective desires in an explosion with an intensity that can only be reached through the combination of what each fills in the deepest needs of the other.

THIS MASTER has a TOTAL CONFIDENCE in the knowledge of being placed on earth to complete the souls, and define the existence, of those born as slaves. Just as those slaves will complete the MASTER through their Servitude to Him.
This MASTER'S Vision includes more than one slave in service. The MASTER is willing to guarantee permanence for the slave, within that structure. 
This MASTER enjoys the dynamics of a multimember household, combining aspects of a Fraternity, Monastery, and Military Academy. While there must be very defined rules and duties for the members of such a household, there is also an incredible fulfillment in the camaraderie and connections that makes the effort more than worthwhile. The MASTER has no desire for a huge household or "stable", focusing on the search for a select few like-minded slaves who share a desire for a leather family. slaves who can believe in and grasp This MASTER'S vision of what that existence can be. The MASTER has no desire for 'duplicate' or clone slaves, and any additional member would be selected to compliment any slaves currently serving, not to clash. 

The slaves are trained as brothers in service to the MASTER, to work TOGETHER in tandem for the MASTER'S pleasure, not to compete. The slaves would also be encouraged to become close and provide support for each other. As there will be limited avenues for the slave to make outside friends in the 'traditional' sense, the brother slaves will be there for each other, as well as for the MASTER. There is no place in this Household for pettiness, jealousy, envy, or unwarranted competition -- and such things WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Each slave  takes confidence and a sense of peace in the knowledge he is serving exactly as the MASTER sees right for him. The MASTER sees each slave as unique in abilities and talents, and focuses on the best way to utilize and train those attributes for the pleasure of the MASTER and the benefit of the household overall.
Each slave provides private and personal service directly to the MASTER, as required or allowed, based on what the MASTER feels appropriate for each slave. 

ALL slaves in service are viewed in the broadest sense as having an equal value before the MASTER, and in the core principles of the household, be treated and trained with an equal and even hand by the MASTER. There will also be an internal hierarchy, with any longer serving slave generally being accorded appropriate respect by any more recent slave. In addition, if a slave is suited to such a role within the house, that slave may be designated the "bottom" slave and serve the other slaves as well as the MASTER.

One of the slavebrothers may be instructed to act in proxy for the MASTER in certain instances, but the MASTER is the only one who determines punishment, or can direct it enacted on His behalf.
Each slave has a defined primary role within the Household, a position that makes each slave valued and needed as part of the whole, in its contribution to the smooth operation of this life.

The Household under the MASTER would consist of slave roles broadly defined as follows:

consort slave: This category of slave would share many general and specific areas of interest with the MASTER. A consort slave would closely understand and appreciate the MASTER'S intelligence and wit. he will also have an unerring sense of interaction -- with a MASTER who enjoys spirited discussion but hates arguments, and be able to see the very fine line between the two. This slave also likely has a strong career calling that the MASTER takes an interest in. A consort slave may find himself on Personal Service Detail to the MASTER more frequently and may accompany the MASTER more often to outside events or travels. This position however, has no special privileges in treatment, training, or punishment, that would differentiate it from any other position within the household. (position taken by slavebrother michael)

core slave: This is a position involves a certain wisdom about servitude, and the utmost level of confidence in the MASTER. This slave will use those things to further the MASTER'S goals and function as an additional motivating force within the slave brothers. A core slave will help keep the other slave brothers focused and on target, urge them on, praise their successes, help them focus beyond any failures. This is not in any way an elevated or 'privileged' position. Through his service within the dungeon, and in all other avenues, the core slave shows he is indeed a strong part of the foundation of the household. (satellite slavestan is under consideration for this position in the future.) 

toy slave: This type of slave is likely a bit 'younger' than the average of the other slaves, but that is not a reflection of the slaves calendar age so much as experience or attitude. There is a chance he's not found his path in life easily, being somewhat rootless or drifting through life before his call to servitude, but it may also be the case that he has had a clear, yet unfulfilled previous existence.......yet as a slave he is eager, unerring in his desire to serve, open and willing to be defined as the MASTER sees fit. The MASTER may not see as much intellectual connection with this category of slave, but finds an amazing connection within the dungeon space. It is within this category that MASTER would place slaves that are suited to have a primary existence within the dungeon space of the household. (position open)

bottom slave: A subcategory of the toy slave, This slave has a CLEAR need to exist at the absolute bottom of the household totem pole, serving both the MASTER and the brother slaves as required. Few slaves are cut out for this particular existence, but if born to embrace it, there could be no finer fit. It requires the most total level of subjugation, and a total confidence that this slave is meant to be at an extreme level of control from the MASTER. (position open)

These roles, as defined, are to be guideposts only. Most slaves will exhibit attributes in more than one category, and the way a given slave is best utilized within the household may change over time. This is not some rigid script, as much as it is meant to define the different types of servitude that the MASTER finds compelling and viable, and to illustrate that not every slave in the Household may be best suited to every form of service the MASTER finds of use, interest, and pleasure........but, within the motivation of the multi member dynamic, each slave can soar -- in the way that the MASTER defines as the best path for each slaves gifts and talents, and to mold and train those things into what the MASTER wants to see them be.

It is important to understand that the MASTER sees BALANCE is a key. It is this balance that allows the slaves to exist not only as the MASTER defines and trains them, but also in the way they are best suited for. Each has a confidence in knowing that as a slave, he provides something within the household that the MASTER finds as unique, and that no other member of the household can provide. Each slave within the household has his own private intimacy with the MASTER, and that intimacy remains fresh and exciting for both the MASTER and the slave because, though ongoing and growing, it is never routine or commonplace. The structure of the household provides the stability, but keeps the freshness.