We have determined that we are not really interested in turning this into just another pay site.  We are, however, interested in expanding the scope of the Household site, and providing such additions as real-time chat, verified personal contact ads, and real-time dungeon broadcasts via webcam.  Unfortunately, to make these additions, and support the costs associated with them, we need to be creative.

Soon, you will be able to make a voluntary contribution to the IronTriangle site, similar to the way PBS works during pledge drive...we want you to support the site because you believe in it and enjoy it, not because you are being given a shakedown at the portal.  Watch for an option soon to support us with a small donation to help broaden our message and the scope of this site.  Those who wish to do so will discover special rewards, limited edition photo and video CD's with unpublished images, and access to hidden parts of the site.

We are always interested in suggestions from the Men who enjoy this virtual window into the life that is the Iron Triangle Household.