The Iron Triangle Household is an uncommon union of MASTER and slavebrothers. A carefully chosen fraternity and brotherhood, living a life of servitude, under the Vision of the MASTER. A Most Meaningful Existence. Based on TRUST, RESPECT, HONESTY, DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE, and DESIRE.

A place where ALL members of the Household, striving together, combine to be more and any one individual could ever be on their own. Each lives exactly the life he was Destined to lead. Few understand, or are meant to live this Vision of life, but for those who hear a calling to it, there is no finer music in the Universe.

WHY the IRON TRIANGLE? It was important to This MASTER that My Household have an identity. A name that reflected not only the strengths of the MASTER, but also represented the principles of the household and the mindset of the slavebrothers within.

IRON is a material of great strength and permanence. Yet, in the proper hands, Iron has flexibility and malleability, it can be shaped and hammered into the vision of the Man who knows how to control it, work it, and bring out the beauty of it.

A TRIANGLE is a geometric form that represents one of the most stable structures in existence. The form consists of more than two connected parts, combined into a shape that can have many variations, but always the same overall structure. Triangles can have great complexity when grouped together, but always show the simple truth of the underlying basis for their construction.
WHEN these things are combined, the IRON TRIANGLE they create, symbolizes THIS MASTER'S VISION for life.