slavebrother michael has answered some questions about how he came to be with Master, and explains some aspects of his day to day life within the Iron Triangle Household.

How did Master and i meet?

i met Master on line in an aol chat room almost about a year and a half ago. It was about a year after i met him on line that i moved in with him. This was after 2 visits to the Household. i became a permanent resident and His slave last September.

What are the slavebrothers living arrangements in the Household?
By living arrangements i suppose you mean where my personal effects are, and where do i sleep? the clothes that i am allowed, books, etc are in the office/slavebrothers common room, which is where my computer is also.
i sleep, at the present time, usually with Master. There are occasions when i sleep elsewhere without Him but that is usually when there is another slave visiting in the house. Once the next permanent slavebrother is in residence, obviously Master will make the decision, but He has conveyed an understanding to me that slavebrothers will rotate time in His bed at His discretion.

Do i still have contact with my birth family?
i most certainly have contact with family and close old friends. Master encourages that - though my new status is not known to my birth family - Master does not believe in forcing that knowledge on those who have no ability to understand it. i also realize my highest priority is now Master and slavebrothers.

Do i work outside the Household?
my career is something that is also deeply important to me, and Master realizes that and is most understanding about it (as a musician i do not have a standard 9-5 schedule). i have been very lucky to have some incredible career opportunities come my way since being here, and that just tells me all the more that i am just exactly where i should be. Knowing Master was in the audience at a recent production i was in, brought up incredible emotion inside me. i know he takes pride in my successes, and that is an incredible feeling to have inside. i also know that i would give it all up in a minute if Master saw reason for me to do so.

Does Master "loan" me out?
Master has not loaned me out to any of his friends, yet. i do not believe he ever loans slaves out unsupervised. But, i would be glad to do so if that was what he wanted - i know i can trust him totally.....and once you have seen a few of his friends, you will understand why i would really be excited to do so....<eg>.....

How do i feel about having to share Master with others, are there times that i do not like it?
i was obviously aware from the start, of Master's goal of a connected multiple Household and all that it means. The idea of another slavebrother is exciting to me, times that there have been other slaves visiting the House have really gone smoothly, and Master has a knack for making it all work well and feel very natural. i see his vision for a Household as being very workable, and i am thrilled to be a part of that vision. 
The only thing that has on rare occasions bothered me is questionable respect between those serving him....not with those who spend much time here, which i know Master works very hard to not have as an issue, but sometimes a new visitor can not fully understand the reality here, and one behaved, when Master was not present, as if i were also his slave or an annoyance to him and that was hurtful to me (Master set him straight very quickly). i don't have any desire for preferential treatment in any sense, but this is my life... and though a slave, my choice to be such -is something that Master believes is worthy of a level of respect. i also know that his true slaves are much more important to Master than any visiting boy or bottom ever could be.

Would i recommend this life to others?
Yes, i would, if it is the right life for them. It is not a life that many are ready to live, but if there is a calling, if there is a feeling life is incomplete, and servitude is at someone's core, and a slaves heart beats within their chest... i cannot imagine a better, more challenging, more fulfilling, and incredible place to be, than just exactly where i am.

A few other thoughts..... 
This isn't a weekend fantasy trip for me, it is something at my core. i moved my life to the other side of the country to be with Master. i must tell you that i love him so much. He is intelligent, funny, quirky, generous, and an over-all great Man. i consider myself to be extremely fortunate. There was a time before we met in person that we had almost lost contact with each other. my computer fried and we lost contact while i was offline and Master had changed his ISP and email. we happened to find each other again online after a month or so, that was the luckiest moment of my life.