ABOUT THE slavebrothers

consort slave: slavebrother michael

slavebrother michael first made contact with Master well over two years ago. After two visits to the Household, a commitment was made to become an official part of the life here.  he arrived in Sept 2000, and will soon be reaching his two year milestone with Master. slavemichael has developed a deep commitment to Master, and also to the goals of the larger Household and his connection to his future slavebrothers as well as to Master. 

slavemichael has deep creative talents, which he must also serve to be at his best.   Master believes in, and encourages those talents in other aspects of this slavebrothers existence. he has a unique ability to understand quickly, and revel, in Masters complex sense of humor and intricate conversation, he (usually) knows just how far is provident to reply or argue a point with Master - without going too far. his intelligence is evident and appreciated on many levels, and his talent in the musical arena is most compelling to this totally unmusical Master.

slavemichael's subservience may not always be casually evident on the surface, but Master has the ability to call it to the forefront in a split second. Master has a very secure knowledge that at the core, slavemichael knows that for all his significant talents, his most basic truth and existence is as a slave. Master can find owning such a slave a challenge at times, but very rewarding overall.

This slavebrother continues to deepen his connection and allegiance to Master Z, though it is not always an easy rode.  slavemichael musical side gives him an ego that is not always easily tamed.  This can be a struggle for him, as well as a frustration for Master.  The commitment is there however, in both directions, to continue to push forward and see slavemichael become fully, the amazing slave that resides within him.  Master Z revels in the part of slavemichael that has been tamed, and looks forward to the further enlightenment of slavemichael as his training and servitude continue.

If Master were to make an analogy, slavemichael would have a somewhat feline nature, able to be independent and somewhat aloof at times, which can occasionally combine to make him seem flippant at times, though it is rarely intentional.  slavemichael does possess an attentiveness that can always be captured by authority, and with a laser clearness -- when Master has focused the beam.  Though he still requires a constant course correction to keep him on that highly focused path.  In training, he responds better to finesse than to brutality. Better to seduction and enticement, than to confrontational force.   Yet, punishment, when required, is usually well heeded and learned from.
Within the dungeon or other training situation, slavemichael is able to unfetter from all outside influences and become totally at the whim of Master until that grip is relaxed. Master finds the training connection with slavemichael equally compelling in one on one and in group dynamics.

slavebrother michael has formed an excellent connection with, and affection for, both satellite slaves and visitors to the Household, under the guiding hand of Master.   he genuinely enjoys the interaction with others who come to seek out and experience a taste of the life we live here, and he fully trusts Master Z's judgment regarding who is welcomed when it comes to visitors, and those who interact here on a more connected basis.

~The other permanent positions for slavebrothers as defined in
About the Household remain in the process of being filled,  A most worthwhile candidate for the core-slavebrother is under consideration, and Master Z continues his search for those who will complete this vision.